"A Powerful System To Minimize Your
Startup Costs And Maximize
Your Profit Margins Of
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Business! "

Learn the basic mechanics of the business and list
the different options for your business.

Based on your level of involvement you will learn the tools
and techniques that get you started right.

A quick reference guide in case youíre in a hurry and donít
want to read the whole book or for future reference.

Learn some some very impressive strategies that will open
the traffic floodgates to your online business.

From the desk of Broker Bob
RE:      Starting Your Own Online Business!

Dear Entrepreneur:

This e-Bookís intent is to be a reference guide and a review of the products used in various combinations. You'll be getting honest feedback on what is worth a try and what you should avoid.

Hello, my name is Bob Macek. I have been in business for myself since purchasing my first business at the age of nine. By the age of eleven I owned two newsstands and two newspaper routes in St Louis, MO. I eventually purchased or started more than a dozen small businesses and franchises. I became a professional business broker in 1982 and in 1996 began selling businesses and franchises on the internet.

I've worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, just like yourself, with dreams of being their own boss, but not sure how to get started. They were unsure of what steps to take to change their dreams into reality. Had they had this ebook in hand much of their frustration would have been resolved.

Getting Started

The single most important factor in this business; motivation. Just ask yourself what is your motivation? Maybe you want to learn how this small business works, maybe you need some new ideas for your own small business or you simply want to get started, but you donít know where to begin.

No matter what your personal motivation is, the fact that youíve read this far shows that you have the urge to take control of your own future. You have the spirit of a true entrepreneur ready to take on the world.

Selected Chapers From The Table of Contents

The Insides of an Internet Business

First Steps

The 5 Levels of Involvement

The Relaxed Approach
Your First Product

The Easy Approach
Put SFI to Work

The Moderate Approach
Promote your Newsletter

The Aggressive Approach
Email Leads Providers

The Very Aggressive Approach
Keep Track
Targeted Traffic
Pay Per Click Search Engines
The Right Keywords

Bonus 1: Create a Stampede of Free Traffic to Your SFI Gateway

Bonus 2: Create a Feeding Frenzy for Search Engines

Bonus 3: Make Even More Money

Bonus 4: Make Money with Google AdSense

This is by far one of the most detailed manuals on Online Business Startups, This giant (over 60 pages!) action plan with an ordinary e-book.... this is hands on experience that you apply to your Online Business, it's web proven and works.

My Guarantee to you...

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Are you as excited as I am about this? But hold on - you say you're a sensible sort of person, and you've heard about getting stung on the Internet.

Maybe you think you're going to get a rubber chicken instead of quality information?

Maybe this is the first time you're buying on the Internet, and you are a little nervous.

Let me make this clear to you...

If you're not entirely satisfied - you get your money back straight away...PERIOD. No weasle clauses, no hassles, no questions asked.

And I won't even ask you to delete the e-book file either. Or send it back to me :-)

Isn't that a great confidence-builder for you? ...

I can give this guarantee with confidence... because I
know this is one of the greatest values you will ever see.

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